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We are a leading processor of WEEE in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. For manufacturers and retailers of electrical and electronic equipment, compliance schemes and other industrial branches we offer a simple and cost-effective solution for processing WEEE.

ENVIROPOL is a reliable partner in all areas of handling WEEE, from e-waste management consulting and services to the processing of electrical and electronic waste and trade in metals and other separated waste.

We opened Europe's most technologically advanced WEEE processing facility in Jihlava in 2013. Innovation and our own development means we are now able to effectively use up to 95% of recovered electrical equipment.

50 000 tons
Our annual processing capacity is 50 000 tonnes of WEEE.
95 %
With modern processing, we can use up to 95% of old appliances.
Enviropol celebrated the tenth anniversary of the opening of its Jihlava factory in 2023.


Enviropol is the holder of the internationally-recognised WEEELABEX certification, which proves that hazardous substances are handled more safely and old electrical and electronic equipment is recycled more efficiently.

The aim of this standard is to separate materials into their purest forms for further industrial use.



28. 6. 2023


Enviropol is on E-WASTE WORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO 2023 in Frankfurt!

14. 6. 2023

Enviropol celebrates its tenth anniversary. The construction of the plant was a revolution in WEEE recycling

The construction of Enviropol as a revolutionary step in the processing of small end-of-life electrical equipment in Central Europe. This is a good way to describe the operation of the Enviropol plant in the Jihlava industrial zone during the past ten years. “Enviropol is celebrating its tenth anniversary and we are proud to say that […]

22. 5. 2023

Enviropol to be part of the Landscape Festival

The Landscape Festival, a festival that transforms the streets of Jihlava. And soon it will also feature Enviropol, which supplies artists with material to enable them to create unconventional sculptures. It will thus link the topics of recycling, art and public space. The Landscape Festival in Jihlava will be held from the beginning of June […]